VDWS certified

KiteFEEL is VDWS certified VDWS-Level-Card-KiteFEEL
The VDWS is an internationally recognized organization that works for the quality and support of schools. The VDWS is the world’s largest water sports umbrella organization. In this Organization are over 500 schools and centres connected.

International Basic Licence
At our kitesurfschool you can get the Basic Licence with the VDWS label. This do you need to have in more and more countries to kitesurf and for renting equipment. During the course you get a certain level. This level is international registered and you can always check it for free at the VDWS site. 

Kitesurfles-VDWS-KiteFEELThe VDWS kitesurf certificate including pass, theory exam and international administration is possible for just €20,- extra. At the two-day course he’s even included.

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