Kitesurf reis Fuerteventura

Kite Holiday Island Fuerteventura!

Fuerteventura. The name of the island treason already, why we travel to this sunny island. ”Fuerte” means strong and ”Ventura” strong Wind. Stable and predictable winds and that 8 months in the year! Experience during this experience week, why this island so popular among kitesurfers.

Arrival and departure
The trip consists of 7 days, which we will be 6 days on the water.
Arrival at Fuerte: on request

De location
The KiteFEEL location is situated in the North of Fuerteventura. In the North are various well-known Spots such as Flag Beach, Cotillo and the lagoons. The rooms have an own toilet, bath or shower, toilet, telephone, shower, satellite TV, tea/coffee maker, kitchenette, refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle, balcony and, of course, laid back lounge chairs and lounge sets! The location has also a beautiful swimming pool and space to clean and dry the the materials.

Track and Travel
In Fuerteventura we own cars with which we have several days touring to various kitespots. So we go to the lagoon in Sotavento and several clear blue deserted bays on the north side of the island. An experience for every one!

To get the optimal experience from this trip, you need to be honest with yourself. Are you controlled driver of the kite? If you can answer ‘ yes ‘ to all of these questions, you are assured of an unforgettable experience! Doubt about the above questions, please contact us.


The Fuerteventura experience is from ‘ A ‘ to ‘ Z ‘ provided. See below what you can expect.
-Nights in a hotel
-Kitesafari’s to the best spots
-7 days rental car including fuel
-6 days a fresh sandwiches
-Kitesurfing under guidance/training-use
-Free Wi-Fi Internet access
-Complete movie of the experience on tax and taxes

€ 499,-

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