Flysurfer Mojo Wing

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The design goal of the MOJO is efficiency. Powerful, balanced, and energy-saving to maximize water time. The surf wing generates constant propulsion through its straight V-shape, protruding outline, and pre-tensioned sail. Upwind performance, handling while overpowered and stability of the roll axis are outstanding. The large diameter of the middle of the leading edge and the strut as well as their separate air chambers via two valves make the construction particularly rigid to withstand the high loads of jumps. There is no hose to accidetally pull on. The MOJO could not be more versatile and covers the full spectrum, from beginner training to big wave surfing.

MOJO prijzen:

2.8m – 699€
3.5m – 749€
4.5m – 799€
5.2m – 849€
6.2m – 949€
7.0m – 999€

Vanaf nu ook met de winglessen aanwezig :)!